International Animal Week

Make conscious decisions to protect the animals in our world

Make conscious decisions to protect the animals in our world

From 4 to 10 October it’s International Animal Week, and this year the NSPCA is encouraging animal lovers to recognise and celebrate the role that animals play in our lives by making some simple choices.

“This involves very few lifestyle changes, if any,” explained NSPCA Spokesperson, Christine Kuch. “It is about making conscious decisions that will have long-term beneficial effects for animals and so for us all. Building a compassionate community is the aim.”

According to the Association, this boils down to making responsible choices – like adopting from an SPCA or raising awareness by inviting the SPCA to speak at a school or community meeting.

It’s also about being careful about the organisations you support. For instance, rehabilitation centres, sanctuaries or welfare organisations with wild animals that can be petted or fed by hand are often misleading. Supporting circuses with no wild animal acts is a worthy step. Insisting on free range produce, noting and reporting cruelty and speaking out. Don’t support web sites that trade in live animals and make it clear why you will not attend or support ‘festivities’ where fireworks are used. Each small action can have a huge ripple effect.

“Every year we issue an appeal to everyone to join in International Animal Week by supporting the activities in your area,” added Christine Kuch. “In 2013 we wish to make this the starting point and to continue into and through the festive season, then onwards. It can be as simple as picking up litter which of course harms and may even kill small creatures and birds. It is about showing that we care and being part of solutions.”

Contact your local SPCA to find out what activities will be taking place in your area. has details of how we can all help on an ongoing basis – and you can leave your comments and ideas on


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